Social (S)

Zinus strives to make a better world by
fulfilling its social responsibilities
for happiness for the planet as well as
for customers, employees and communities.

Hope Mattress Project

Mattress Donation to Health Authorities in Karawang Indonesia

We donated mattresses to health authorities in Karawang, Indonesia to support COVID-19 related activities.
  • Health Dept. of Karawang Provincial Gov’t
  • Quarantine station of township office
  • Quarantine station of villages where Zinus factories are located in
  • Masks to local police station
  • Children’s clothes to local community in Karawang

Product Donation to a Fire Station in Henry County, GA, US

In 2020, As a part of community engagement activity, we donated 150 Mattress/Frame sets to enhance working environment at Henry County Fire Station.

Donation for Flood-Stricken Henan

In July 2021, we donated mattress and bed frame sets to flood-stricken Henan Province, China as a part of flood relief effort through the Red Cross China.

Hope Mattress Project with Red Cross Korea, Dongchun Foundation

In 2019, we also carried out a mattress sharing project—Hope Mattress Project—with Red Cross Korea and Dongchun, the social welfare foundation. We donated 1,400 memory foam mattresses to the Red Cross, 426 mattresses, and 103 bed frames to Dongchun Foundation.

Mattress with Love (Dream) Project

In 2017, we carried out the Mattress with Love Project with Shinhan Card and Kids Future (Social Service Agency) to provide memory foam mattresses to social service institutions during the year-end holiday season. We donated total of 2,700 memory foam mattresses to 126 non-profit organizations in Korea.

Mattress to Africa (Zambia, Sierra Leon) Project

Under the partnership with a foundation called Childfund, we carried out a project of sharing mattresses and bed frames to the marginalized in Zambia and Sierra Leon in 2017 and 2018. We donated total of more than 8,000 mattresses and bed frames for the two years. Donations were delivered to those in need through social service agencies.

Contribution to Local Communities

RMWP (Real Men Wear Pink) Breast Cancer Campaign in the US

Scholarship donation for local communities

Hangeul (Korean) School Building Project in Xiamen, China

(To be completed in 2022 3Q)

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