Ethical Management

Zinus Code of Ethics
After signing the Code of Ethics Pledge, all Zinus employees shall comply with the corporate code of ethics and fulfill their ethical duty as a part of the community. Ethics Pledge
Purpose of Code of Ethics
The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to set common ethical standards to promote consistency in behavior across all members of Zinus so that they are well informed of the ethical values and principles of the company.
Scope of Application
The Code of Ethics applies to Zinus, subsidiaries of Zinus, and sub-subsidiaries and all of its executives and employees. When they sign the Ethics Pledge, the Code of Ethics shall also apply to clients/customers in a contract, partners, agents, representatives, other contractors, and temporary employees.
Ethics Pledge (for Employees) 닫기
I pledge to comply with the following statement as I perform my duty in Zinus.

1. I will respect my colleagues, seek mutual growth with our partners through fair trade, provide the best value to our customers with integrity by competing fairly and openly with competitors, and fulfill my responsibility and duty for our shareholders and community.

2. As an employee of Zinus, I will fulfill my responsibility and duty to establish a culture of ethical management and put it into practice.

3. I understand that I will not be exempt from liabilities by being unaware of the policy, and I will learn the Zinus Code of Ethics and relevant policies thoroughly to prevent myself from committing any wrongdoings which are against the policies.

4. I will immediately report to the company when I identify any unfair trade behavior or corruption of other employees; or when I receive proposal of committing deceitful actions from partners or contractors.

5. If there is a regular or special investigation on violation of the Zinus Code of Ethics, I will fulfill my responsibility of cooperation including but not limited to submitting requested materials.

6. I will take all liabilities upon breach of this pledge.