ESG Management

We pursue sustainable development and engage in transparent management activities that meet global standards,
such as green and socially responsible management, in addition to governance improvement.


Environmental (E)

We aim to become a company that operates a sustainable “Green Furniture” business
by creating eco-friendly value throughout the entire business cycle of R&D – Manufacturing – Distribution – Sales – Disposal. VIEW MORE

  • GHG Emission Intensity


    (Lowest in Household Group)

  • Waste Recycling


  • Water Usage Intensity

    -16% (’18~’21)

  • Transition to Eco-Friendly Packing (Biodegradation)


Hope Mattress
Sharing Project

Contribution to
Local Communities

Social (S)

We strive to make a better world by fulfilling our social responsibilities for happiness for the planet as well as that for customers, employees, and communities.


Governance (G)

As a participant in the Korean economy, all our employees have been striving to pursue transparent and responsible management to win the trust of our stakeholders, including shareholders. Going forward, we will spare no effort to continuously enhance our corporate value so that we can increase shareholders’ value and establish credible governance.

  • Shareholders’ Meeting

  • Electronic Voting System

  • Board of Directors